You are going to do what?!?!


Yep, you heard right.  We are quitting our jobs and taking time off to travel the world. While everyone we told was excited for us (and a bit jealous) they all seem to have the same questions.  Here are the top ones I have gotten over the last month:

How are you going to afford this?

Well the same way you afford things you want in life.  If it is a large purchase, you inevitably saved the money for the purchase.  You decided what was a priority in your life and made a few sacrifices to pay for said purchase. That is exactly what we did.  

We didn’t decide to go on this trip last week.  We spent the last year or so talking about it and setting money aside.  We are budget traveling. This won't be your typical luxury vacation.  

Oh and credit card points are going to be a godsend!  More on that later as I have some great blogs I follow and tips and tricks I have discovered over the last year.

What about your career?  How will you find a job when you get back?

I have no doubt I can come back in a year and use the 15 plus years of auditing/accounting experience, 5 plus years of retail management experience, and world travel life experience to my advantage…..if I want to.  But to be honest, this might be the perfect time to make a career change.  I think I have reached a point where I am working just for money and not because I love (heck even like) my job.  I am quickly learning a high salary doesn’t out shine a miserable job. Time for a change. 

Aren’t you worried about safety?

We are doing our research and making informed decisions about what countries to visit, what areas to stay in, and what transportation is the safest.  We are taking precautions just like we do here in the states.  While we do appreciate your concern, please don’t worry about us. The list of safe places to visit totally outweighs the list of unsafe places!

Can you get me a souvenir in X country, send me a postcard from eeverywhere, etc.? 

Yea, probably not. I’m not saying we won’t send a few postcards or pick up a few things our friends and family might enjoy, just realize we are living out of a backpack for the next year with limited funds.  We promise we still love and miss you.

Are you two………like……*awkward glance*…....ummm....?

Are we what?  Friends?  Yes, best friends.  So nice of you to notice how close we are.  Oh and you are probably right, this trip is definitely going to make us fall in love and live happily ever after.  Be looking for our wedding invitation in the coming year.

What else do you need to know? Leave a comment below if there is something I missed.