I am thankful for.....

While we have only been gone a week, we are already seeing we have taken some things for granted. In the spirit of Thanksgiving here is a list of things I am thankful for at this moment: 

1. Private Bathrooms/Showers- Sharing a bathroom/shower with a hostel full of travelers is not glamorous at all. Getting up in the middle of the night to trek across the hostel is a hassle. Waiting for an empty shower is a hassle. Getting dressed in a steamy shower is a hassle. Note to self: book more rooms with a private shower.

2. Multiple Pillows- The hostel we are currently at gives us two pillows each! Jackpot! All last week we have only had one pillow each. It's been uncomfortable and full of tossing and turning and folding the pillow in a half. Not pleasant at all.

3. Separate Beds- Maybe it is because we had to share a bed the last three nights and have gotten restless sleep, but I swear the double bed we had was really just an oversized twin bed. I moved, he moved. He moved, I moved. Oh and did I mention it was slanted with our head lower than our feet. We are thankful to have our own double beds the next 2 nights!! 

4. Tim Knowing Enough Spanish- I know VERY little Spanish. I'm talking please, thank you, yes, no, numbers, bike, bathroom, and colors. I can get us nowhere with that knowledge. Thank goodness Tim has enough to get the basics from drivers, waiters, shop owners, signs.... If it wasn't for him I would still be in the airport. 

5. Friends and Family- I couldn't be more thankful for the support from friends and family. I appreciate all the likes and comments we have received this past week. I have had many of you send messages checking in on me. I appreaciate it more than you know.  I really am the luckiest for having each of you.  

We are spending the day exploring Machu Picchu. We hope everyone enjoys the day with their family and friends. Be thankful and eat some turkey for me!