Hawaii- Oahu

After more than a week of jam packed adventures I was ready for our time on the island of Oahu. We had nothing planned as Tim’s brother and his family were there and we would be spending most of the time playing with his niece and nephew.  

Tim’s family had a fun first day planned for us with some stops at the best local eateries. We headed out to Boots & Kimo’s for the best pancakes ever! If you have every been to Hawaii you know there is macadamia nut everything. This place had this macadamia nut sauce to top your pancakes. OH MY!! We had banana pancakes with this sauce. Pancakes ruined forever. Officially in a carb coma we headed to Wiamea Falls Park for a hike to burn off some calories before our next food stop. We took our time hiking to the end of the trail to the falls where the kids took a swim. Everything is beautiful in Hawaii. This being no exception.

After making some room in our tummy’s we headed to the North Shore for the original garlic shrimp truck: Giovanni's Shrimp Truck. This was a perfect food truck parking lot. Thai food, shrimp, ice cream, roasted corn, funnel cakes…you name it. We got the scampi shrimp (garlic shrimp with extra garlic sauce) and the hot shrimp. While these shrimps were so messy they were amazing! The parking lot even had a big sink to wash your hands and face.

For dessert we headed to a little town outside of the North Shore for a shave ice. You might think these are just snow cones. They are not and you will be told that if you call them snow cones.  They are more like a big cup of snow with fruit flavoring and other goodies. The kid in me had the rainbow flavors and topped it with condensed milk. What?!?! Yep. It makes it even better. We had maybe 4 or 5 shave ices while in Hawaii but this one was one of the best.

The next day Tim’s brother took us on the Navy base and in to the submarine he is based on. His brother gave us (and his two little ones) a tour of the submarine. We got to see where he works, eats, sleeps, and everything in between. Such a cool thing to see. For obvious reasons I have no pictures.

We then headed to Pearl Harbor.  We had pre booked our tickets to the Arizona memorial online. This is recommended to ensure you get a spot on the boat. We arrived and headed to the boat to take us to the Memorial. We watched a short video of that day and then headed to the boat to check out the sunken Arizona ship that is now the memorial. Sadly the dock was broken and we were unable to get off the boat. We were both disappointed.

Hawaii 362.jpg

Back on land we had a walking audio tours. We walked through the remembrance walkway where we heard stories from those that survived the attack. There were a few I had to turn off because it was too hard to hear without tearing up.  Men talking about not being able to help their fellow shipmates trapped below, explosions lighting up the area, ashes of their friends. It was a lot to take in. The museum was very informative and something everyone should do if given the opportunity.

While we didn’t experience all the tourist things to do on Oahu, I think we had a much better time spending extra time with Tim’s family.